Terms & Agreement

Below is a summary of the membership terms and agreement. Full details are available on submission of membership proposal application form. 

This membership agreement outlines the terms and conditions that govern the relationship between a member (yourself) and MaxLife Global Management (us the company). In the context of an environmental or climate-focused organization, the content of this membership agreement includes:

1. Membership Benefits: Participation and inclusion in THE ECOBIOTOS DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) programs and initiatives. These include creation and development of a 100% green ‘circular’ economy ultimately providing asset creation, asset distribution, support and funding of environmental projects voted for by community members. 

2. Environmental projects included, but not restricted to: ecosystems management, carbon reduction, carbon offsetting, recycling, water & marine management, reforestation, oceanomics, renewable energies, clean energy technologies.

3. Membership Duration: No restriction unless participation believed to be anti-social or non-active. Termination will then be implemented.

4. Membership Fee: Purchase of GREENBTC (GBTC) tokens are required. 

5. Any new or additional services or programs might be subject to charges. Member’s will be notified of any additions.

6. Rights and Responsibilities: Both the member and the organization recognize the rights and responsibilities of membership. This includes expectations for ethical conduct, respect for the organization’s mission and values, adherence to our code of conduct, and compliance with our rules or regulations.

7. Termination: Termination of membership can be initiated at any time, with good reason. Reasons such as violation of terms, including copyright infringement, negative influencer, and the breaking of any local laws. Voluntary withdrawal accepted.

8. Privacy and Data Protection: Our organization collects, uses, and protects members’ personal information in accordance with applicable privacy laws. Members’ have the right regarding access to their personal data.

9. Intellectual Property: Ownership is MaxLife Global Management. Permitted use of any intellectual property, such as trademarks, logos, or copyrighted material associated with the organization upon written request to head office.

10. Dispute Resolution: We try to amicably resolve any disputes or conflicts that may arise between the member and the organization. No lawful action will be recognized.

11. Amendments: MaxLife Global Management reserves the right to amend the membership agreement and communicate any changes to members in a timely manner.

12. Governing Law: Under the jurisdiction of UK laws.